Sunday, August 11, 2013

Heard on Colfax

"I've seen evil, and I've seen good," says Roderick Curtis, a barber who works on East Colfax. "If you need something, (it's on) Colfax. You can see it on this street, A to Z." #HeardOnColfax

Submitted anonymously by e-mail--"Of all things when I was homeless in Denver no one gave me safety tips. By the time I learned where not to go I just didn't care. Of course I was young, foolish and stupid at the age of 19 years old from rural Missouri. I never been anywhere on my own until I was 19 (that far from home that is). THE THINGS I SEEN ON E Colfax made a man out of me fast. Fight or be killed. So I choose not to be killed. So now if you only get it in young people's minds to avoid E Colfax...Maybe you can take kids on a field trip to E Colfax when they are still in school and hope it would stay with them. Now I am not saying take kids that live in Denver or its neighboring towns, just kids from the rural areas, like me."

Submitted anonymously by e-mail--"My dad loved Colfax Ave., so much so that he left me and the rest of his family in the 80s to live there, party there and try to make a new life for himself. He died there, April 21st, 1986. His body was found in a drainage ditch on the corner of 72nd and Colorado Blvd., riddled w/bullets and stab wounds. His murder is still unsolved. I always wondered what drew him to Colorado and Colfax Ave (he lived on Colfax) now I know, what a cool place, I can almost bet he loved every minute of it. I hope someday to make it there and walk the same roads he did, until then, thanks for the add, I can see all the great people and places my dad loved."

Submitted anonymously by e-mail--"I seen your site thru That Scary Place and loved the thought of my friend Colfax Ave. I lived in Colo most my life my nickname is Cruezer cause I loved cruising Colfax and loved Motley Crue. I lived in Aurora on East Colfax, almost far enough from the crack dealers and hookers we rode the 15 and the 16 bus so many times with so many crazy Denverites, I am glad to see the cool pics of the places I almost forgotten. Right on Colfax....Love, a past Cruezer of Colfax."
Overheard on Colfax--"So my buddy and I walked out of the Goosetown and came across a hooker. We asked how much. She replied 50 and 100. I said, damn how come so much? She replied, cuz I got all my teeth and I'm wearing my shoes."

Submitted anonymously by e-mail--"Colfax, you lengthy son-of-a-bitch!"

From a passerby: "Colfax is my life, but it may also be the death of me." 

Posted on our page: "sorry i puked on you." 

Submitted anonymously by e-mail--"Did you know that in sign language, the sign for the street "Colfax" is also the same sign for the animal "fox"? Hmmmm.... the etymology of words!" 

Submitted anonymously by e-mail--"You know back in the 70s there was a time I saw 2 guys that I later heard robbed Lloyd's furs in a convertible with the top down barefooted...true story. I saw the car top down and they jumped out and went in what use to be Sid Kings with furs...was crazy back then but I was a kid and had no idea what was going on.A lot of meth users then and prostitutes..glad things are looking up for Colfax."

Posted on our page: "Just because I feel like walking all over you in a short skirt doesn't necessarily make me a..."

Posted on our page: "I effing miss you...You should extend your road to Hawaii!"

Submitted by e-mail--"Um ... So ... Colfax ... I think there's something we need to tell you. We Love You. We know, We know, you're not looking for anything serious, but we figured we needed to clear the air a little. Sorry if this makes things awkward now, but, well, there's nothing we can do about that. We understand if you just want to be friends, we'd totally be cool with that too, but...well we guess we've said enough. Love, The Don'ts and Be Carefuls"

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